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Fri, Mar 15 2019 8:33 PM
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Afghan Judiciary spokesman conference for violence cases against women

Over the past four years, more than 7,200 cases of violence against women have been received . . .

Mon, Mar 04 2019 8:22 PM
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Report of Supreme Court high council meeting

In addition to the Supreme Court, the Supreme Court met on Saturday 11th of 1397, under the chairmanship of the Supreme Court head of the Sejd Yusuf Haleim, and convened a series of. . .

Tue, Jan 01 2019 10:16 PM
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The Supreme Council of Supreme Court Meeting

Date: Dec 12, 2018 

The Supreme Council of Supreme Court convened a meeting of the Supreme Court Chief Justice Seyyed Youssef Halim, chairman of the Supreme Court, before Saturday. . .