The Supreme Council of Supreme Court Meeting

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supreme council meeting on 12 Dec

Date: Dec 12, 2018 

The Supreme Council of Supreme Court convened a meeting of the Supreme Court Chief Justice Seyyed Youssef Halim, chairman of the Supreme Court, before Saturday afternoon of April 20, 1397, and addressed issues including the agenda.

The Council first of all, in response to the non-standard and opposed objective facts, the Transparency Watch, which claims that the arbitrariness of the judiciary is accused of corruption, acknowledged that the report was far from real and actual because the interview was conducted by two individuals with The passage to the entire population of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the incorrect assessment of the performance of the judiciary and the unilateral and non-responsible publication of it can not give rise to tangible and objective gains in the judiciary.

Regarding the judiciary's achievements in the reform of the judiciary and in particular the fight against corruption, the High Council has rejected the report and, while respecting the spirit of mutual cooperation, insists that any person who draws up and publishes reports on the judiciary, However, they should cooperate with the Supreme Court in order to identify and disclose the cases of corruption that the Islamic and national authorities of each country of the country have partnered with the judiciary, and on the other hand, based on facts and facts, to Public awareness.

Subsequently, some audit reports and substantive opinions resulting from the inspection and review of the performance of the appellate courts of Nimroz and Badakhshan provinces were reviewed and, according to the identification of the offenses committed to the two judges of the aforementioned courts, in accordance with the provisions of the Regulation on the procedure for the prosecution of criminal offenses Correction was prescribed.

Subsequently, while accepting the allegations, according to a substantive opinion on a commercial suit in Nangarhar province, which was first closed due to the non-delivery of the state product, and in the next stage of the judicial process, the right to sue was dropped and this agreement At the final stage of the final investigation, it was entrusted to the Directorate General for Determination and Studies to review the issue again under the auspices of Judge Pour Brataali Matin and Judge Pouh Abdul Hassiyab Ahadi, members of the Supreme Council of the Supreme Court, and present their views at the next meeting. To make

Regarding the disbursement of the Department of the Center for the Law of the Rights of the Municipality regarding the current possession of property in relation to a Kabul Bank mortgaged property, it is clear that the imposition of a court order to sell and discharge in The field is not legally prohibited, and since the sale of the seller after the conclusion of the mortgage is contravene the law, the customer can refer to the litigation as well as the management of the Kabul Bank liquidation proceeding against the defendant in the court of competent jurisdiction.

At the same time, while appealing to six civil appeals, two applications were canceled due to their compliance with the conditions envisaged in Article 482 of the Civil Procedure Law, and the cases were canceled, in addition to a single application for conversion of the court in civil cases, and Criminal punishment was also a part of the judiciary, in which every decision was taken.

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