Supreme Court Divisions (Dewans)

According to article 18 of the Law on Organization and Jurisdiction of Courts, the Supreme Court shall be consisted of the following Dewans:

  • General Criminal Dewan
  • Public Security Dewan
  • Civil and Public Rights Dewan
  • Commercial Dewan

Each Dewan set forth in clause one of the current article shall be headed by a member of the Supreme Court as selected on rotation basis by the chief justice for the period of one year.Each head of the Supreme Court Dewans shall have the following powers and duties:

  • Leading relevant Dewan’s activities.
  • Holding and presiding over relevant Dewan’s sessions.
  • Arranging affairs, coordinating judicial experiences of the Dewans and submission of report to the Supreme Court.

Article 26 of the Law on Organization and Jurisdiction of Courts:

  • If a Supreme Court Dewan determines that the lower court ruling was contrary to the law, it shall overturn the ruling and remand it to the lower court for issuance of ruling. The Supreme Court Dewan may overturn a ruling which it observes as contrary to the law even if the breach is not mentioned in the appeal.
  • If the failure in consistency or interpreting the law does not substantially affect the ruling and the ruling is accurate and agrees to the law, the relevant Dewan may confirm it.