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Notifying the graduates of religious schools, lawyers and members of the 14th grade of the official religious schools in the country who are interested in enrolling in the judicial examination, the registration will be continued on 11/13/2013 via online and in the presence of the governor's commencement. Find out
Applicants can sign up for registration online through the Supreme Court website.
Applicants should observe the following when registering:
1. The age of the applicant is not less than 21 years old and not more than 30 years old.
2. To register online or in person, having an e-mail address is required to receive an Immediate Examination Card.
3. Scan Citizenship, Educational Documents, or Academic Documents along with Transcarpathian Scores (14th Grade Religious, Bachelor, Master's, and PhD degrees) to PDF format
4. Photo 3 in 4 which was taken in the last month without a photo shop, to Jpg.
5. Applicants with a Master's Degree Certificate and a Doctorate are required to submit a Bachelor's Degree in Law and Context.
6. For ease, online enrollment is required. Applicants must, if they come to the headquarters of the Department of Legal Education, have an original and completed copy of their nationality and educational documents.
7. After registering the correct name, online or in the presence of a confirmation message, the successful candidate will send the applicant's email and, after completing the evaluation, if the applicant is eligible, the card will be sent to the mailing address of the examiner. The applicant is required to have a card in the form of a color on the test day.
8. If the applicant submits the unrealistic information and trickery documents to the forum, they will be introduced to the judiciary organs.

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supreme court announcement

Notifying the graduates of religious schools, . . .

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