Secretariate of the High Council

The High Council of Supreme Court as the highest judicial source of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan conducts its regular sessions once each 15 days. The extraordinary sessions of this council are conducted based on request of the Chief Justice, suggestion of Attorney General or demand of one third of its members when necessary.

Evaluating compliance of laws, legislative decrees, interstate treaties, and international conventions with the constitutions and their interpretation; proposing drafting of laws on regulating judicial affairs to the National Council; revising decisions of courts; resolving jurisdiction conflicts; returning criminals to foreign states in accordance with laws, evaluating accusation reasons and making decisions regarding submitting citizen of the country to foreign states; Ensuring uniform judicial precedent; deciding on criminal and regulatory violations of judges; considering parties’ request for changing their respective court and evaluating guidance request of courts related to judicial affairs and responding to them are among judicial responsibilities and authorities of the Supreme Court and the Secretariat of Supreme Court’s High Council is responsible for their preparation, regulation, cohesion, and submission.

Considering task related fundamental strengths, the Secretariat has several duties such as reviewing requests for guidance by courts or offices, categorizing and submitting them to the High Council; drafting approvals, notes, and guidelines of High Council and submitting them to respective bodies; evaluating plan and drafting legislations on regulating judicial affairs and reporting to the High Council; organizing High Council sessions on hearing disciplinary cases of judges, staff personal affairs, organizational structure and budget, preparing statistical forms of courts, changing the court, responding to requests for guidance, and affairs related to approval of the three courts decisions’ revision. Also this department sends all decisions and approvals of the High Council to respective institutions for implementation.

In addition to regulating affairs the respective office, the secretariat of High Council reports decisions and approvals of the High Council to all courts in the capital as well as provinces. This is in order to create coordination and organization between judicial services institutions, and extend judicial experience.