Directorate of Planning and Policy

Policy and Plan Directorate

Policy and Plan is one of the central directorates of the Supreme Court.

This directorate performs its duties and activities in terms of organization and unification of short term, mid-term and long-term plans and development of policies and planning under supervision of General Administration Department of the Judiciary.  

Policy and Plan Directorate was established under the structure of central directorates of the Supreme Court in 1390. The directorate consists of 9 positions including policy and plan director. The policy and plan directorate’s positions, including director’s position, was expanded to 50 position in 1395.


Policy and Plan Directorate consists of four departments:

  1. Department of Statistics
  2. Department Policy Development
  3. Department of Monitoring Programs and Projects
  4. Department of Plan and Unification of Reports

 Department of Statistics: Organizing affairs related to collection and organization of central and provincial statistics for effective planning.

Policy Development Department: Developing policies and programs in collaboration with respective institutions to reach goals and administrative programs.

Department of Monitoring Programs and Projects: Organizing affairs related to monitoring implementation of plans to reach the strategic goals of the Supreme Court.

Department of Plan and Unification of Reports: Organizing affairs related to drafting and unification of short-term, mid-term and long-term development plans.