Directorate of Correspondence

Correspondence Department as a central and sensitive department performs a number of critical duties under the supervision of Chief Justice and Head of the Supreme Court as listed below:

  • Officially imparts orders of Head of the Supreme Court to all courts and relevant agencies, follows up with implementation of the orders and promotes cooperation between units.
  • Recommends necessary actions to Head of the Supreme Court for improvement in routine tasks.
  • Informs courts and judicial institutions about presidential decrees and approvals of Ministries’ Council upon direction of the Chief Justice, and submits their implementation report to the President and other respective authorities.
  • Sends the received letters from different institutions such as: Office of Administrative Affairs, Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission, Complaints Hearing Commission of the lower house, High Office of Oversight and Anti-Corruption and other governmental entities, to the Chief Justice without any delay and submits them to the respective departments for further proceedings.
  • Submits suggestions related to hiring, requests for Judicial Enselak, service renewal, retirement, cancellation of retirement, stabilization of pay and grade of cadre, and promotion of prosecutors to the President in a timely manner.

Takes in petition(s) and complaints of parties to the case regarding change in court, appellate request, inquiries and so forth in order to address their requests. The Department then submits these petitions/complaints to the respective institutions upon instructions of the Chief Justice