Announcement of general Administrative and financial directorate


To this end, pursuant to paragraph (2) of article 46 of the Procurement Law, the Public Prosecutor shall be informed, the Supreme Court. A.A. intends to conclude a contract for 77 non-standard tablecloths including colored printing and various photocopier machines. The necessity of branch offices, including Kabul appellate courts, for the fiscal year 1398, was submitted to the trading company of the Hijran Lidat Beach Company at the Crossroads of Sardar, Kabul License No. (22192) for the total price of (8145640) - eight million and one hundred and four hundred and fifty thousand hundred thousand Afghanis.
The natural persons and the judge who have any objections to the case can file their protest in writing from the date of publication of this notice to seven calendar days in writing, with the reasons for it being imposed by the General Directorate of Financial Assistance of the Supreme Court of the Shahid Ahmadshah Masoud, the Fourth District of the Ninth District of Kabul, Afghanistan. Provisions of Article 50 of the Procurement Law.
This notice does not constitute a contract, and until the completion of the aforementioned aforementioned minutes, the subsequent agreement will not be concluded.

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