Qazawatpoh Mohammad Zaman Sangari | Member of the Supreme Court

Esteemed Qazawatpoh  Mohammad Zaman Sangari

Member of High Council of Supreme Court

Esteemed Qazawatpoh  Mohammad Zaman Sangari who gained membership of High Council of Supreme Court following presidential decree no. 52 dated June 28, 2016 and receiving vote of confedence of the Lower House (Wolesi Jirga), introduced to his office by Qanoonpoh Sayed Yousuf Halim head and member of the Supreme Court High Council.


In the event arranged on this occasion on July 3, 2016 in the building of Supreme Court, first some verses of Holy Quran were recited, then the presidential decree was read and later Qanoonpoh Sayed Yousuf Halim head of Supreme Court talked about the bright work background  of of Mr. Sangari, adding that the Supreme Court given the new cadre policy in appointing judiciary cadres taking all the necessary conditions in mind such as experience, specialty, commitment, loyalty and accountability. With respect to all the existing criterias, we have recognized Mr. Sangari suitable as member of High Council of Supreme Court and fortunately the selection was welcomed by the President, Executive Office, as well as Lower House and the National Assembly and I thank the credence of the mentioned authorities and wish Mr. Sangari success on his duties.


Later, Qazawatpoh  Mohammad Zaman Sangari member of High Concil of Supreme Court had a brief speech, saying: “I realize the pressure of judiciary duty and the responisbility of the position as member of High Council of Supreme Court and also thank the confidence of President’s Office, Executive Office, Supreme Court and Lower House of National Assembly. As I mentioned during the adjuration ceremony in presence of Mr. President, once again I repeat that I will perform my duties towards the rule of law and securing judicial justice in coordination with Supreme Court’s High Council and will do my best to defend the rights of my people.”


At the end, his Excellency Head of Supreme Court along with other members of High Council, Directors of Central Administrations and Judiciary Counselors accompanied esteemed Qazawatpal Mohammad Zaman Sangari to his office and wished him success.


Biography of Mr. Sangari:


Esteemed Mohammad Zaman Sangari s/o Sangar Khan was born in 1954 in Sarkani district of Kunar province. He completed his higher education in Juresprodence and Law field in 1979 from Sharia Department of Kabul University and then started his justice career after completing Judiciary Stage Course in 1983.


Esteemed Sangari has been working as a Judge of Kabul Regional Courts, Criminal Division Head and Deputy of Kabul province Head of Courts, Counselor of Civil Division and Public Rights and Counselor of General Criminal Division of Supreme Court and recently as Head of Counter-Narcotics Primary Court and now as the member of High Council of Supreme Court.


Mr. Sangari has had several trips to USA, England, Egypt, India and Turkey to participate in Judicial Conferences and Seminars. He can speak Dari, Pashto and is familiar with Arabic and English languages as well.