Qazawatpoh Abdul Haseeb Ahadi | Member of the Supreme Court


Short Biography of Qazawatpoh Abdul Haseeb Ahadi

Member of Supreme Court High Council

Qazawatpoh Abdul Haseeb <Ahadi> son of Abdul Ahad, born on 1348 in Kabul and graduated from Emam Abo-Hanifa High Madrasa (PBUH). He holds a bachelor degree from Law and Jurisprudence Department of Sharia faculty of Kabul University and is a graduate of Judicial Setaj, IDLO Judicial Course and CEDAW Judicial Course.


Work Experience:

  1. From 1394 up to now, member of the supreme court and head of commercial department of supreme court.
  2. From 1393 until 1394, Head of SC High Council Secretariat
  3. From 1391 until 1393, Head of Wardak Appelate Court, Judicial member of Kabul Bank Appellate Court, Professor of Suits of Proof in civil and penal code claims in Judicial Setage Course and trainer of Evidence of Proof subject in penal cases in Judges Capacity Building Workshop.
  4. In 1390, acting Director in Public Security Divan of Kabul Appellate Court.
  5. From 1388 to 1390, counselor in Public Security Divan of Supreme Court.
  6. In 1387, Director of Primary Court of Paghman district of Kabul.
  7. In 1386, member of civil divan of third area Primary Court of Kabul.
  8. In 1385, Head of 6th area’s court of Kabul.
  9. From 1379 until 1384, as judicial member in Wardak, 4th area, 8th area, 10th area and 3rd area primary courts as well as judicial member in Public Security Divan of Kabul Appellate Court.
  10. In 1387, Registration Officer of documents and trademarks in Samangan Appellate Court.
  11. In 1377, judicial member of civil and public rights divan of Samangan Appellate Court.
  12. In 1376, judicial statistics professional member of Supreme Court’s Refine and Studies Department.
  13. From 1374 until 1375, Setager of 19th round of Setage course, and Scrivener and Shakardara Court of Kabul.
  14. From 1369 until 1373 Scrivener at 1st area court and Scrivener of Shakardara Court of Kabul.
  15. Official trips to foreign countries:
  16. Participated in Counter-terrorism workshop in Utrish and Romania, participated in judicial capacity building workshop in Egypt, visited South Korean courts and exchanged experiences about Afghanistan and South Korea judicial systems.


Received second rank certificate for three times, received third rank certificate once along with a letter of appreciation from Supreme Court of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.