Qazawatwal Barat Ali “Mateen” Member of Supreme Court

Qazawatwal Barat Ali “Mateen”

Member of Supreme Court High Council

Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

Qazawatwal Barat Ali “Mateen” son of Jan Ali grandson of Ali Ahmad, born in Srkh Deh of Kakrak of Jaghtawi District of Ghazni Province in a farmer family in 1959. His native language is Dari. He can speak Pashto and Arabic and he has a good knowledge of English. He doesn’t have membership of any party or politic organization.

He studied primary school in Kakrak Primary School, secondary and high school in Rohul Madaris “Rohani Islamic Studies School” in Gardiz of Paktia Province. Secondary and high school that began from 5th grade include modern and sharia studies subjects such as science, sociologies, languages, Feqh (Islamic jurisdiction) and principles of Feqh, Hadith and principle of Hadith, Holy Quran interpretation and principle of interpretation, theology and logics. He held the first position in secondary and high school and graduated as top scorer of the school.

He attended Sharia Faculty of Kabul University after passing the university entrance test in 1980 and graduated with top score from Sharia Faculty in 1984 and assigned in secretariat of Supreme Court as employee officially.

He always attended actively in academic and research conferences in high school and later in university and received appreciation letters from the conferences. He likes to read books and have academic discussions. He knows heritage law.

After completion of military service, and graduating from judicial stage with top grade and becoming judicial specialized (Munsalik), he worked in different primary and appellate courts in penal, civil, public rights and personal affairs.

In many stage periods, he has been serving as instructor of penal code in judicial education center of Supreme Court. He had been a judicial advisor for civil cases and public rights in Supreme Court since 2006. He attended a one-year law and judicial course in international development law organization (IDLO) and received a certificate during his official duty. He actively participated as one of the authors in drafting and compiling the cycle of 3-volume book on law of obligations that was authorized by judicial high committee of Supreme Court with a group of lawyers of the country which was required to be published for the directorate of judicial education. He had an active role in many legal-judicial seminars of Supreme Court, in simplification process of judicial procedures and in academic-legal conferences.

His participation and attendance in academic-research affairs during official duty are as follow:

  • Member of simplification of judicial procedures
  • Member of national board for defending the rights and intellectual properties.
  • Member of drafting and compiling of 3-volume cycle of law of obligation
  • Member of drafting new plans for principles of civil law procedures
  • Member of courts’ bulletin at supreme court
  • Member of the appraisal and promotions of the judicial cadre
  • Member and Secretary of Committee of Civil High Seminars of Courts’ Heads in 2007.
  • Member and secretary of national judicial conference of civil and law commission in 2011.
  • Civil Law Instructor at Judicial Education Center of Supreme Court.

Qazawatwal Mateen recently got 154 votes based on confirmation of parliament and degree no. (76) Dated October 3, 2013 of president of Islamic republic of Afghanistan assigned as member of high council of the Supreme Court.