Publication Department


Directorate of Publication is one of the proficient departments of the Supreme Court, delivering its duties in line with the working directions and respecting publication policy without deviation. This Directorate covers broadcasting, cultural and printing sections and acts based on available facilities in printing and proliferation of necessary materials for this Directorate. Working sections of this Directorate are detailed as bellow:


Printing and broadcasting:

Qaza Magazine: Established in 1931, this magazine publishes contents such as: approvals of SC High Council meetings, judicial, commercial, legal, juridical, criminal issues, circulars of SC, brief of activities conducted against corruption and drugs, and report on court performances in the center and provinces, necessary laws and regulations of courts that are with great values for enhancing professional understanding and legal knowledge of administrative and judicial staff in accordance with publication policy. Synergy of authors and researches in provision of needed subject matters for the magazine in accordance with publication policy and endeavor of Editor in Chief, editorial board, editors, manager and compositor are worth mentioning. The magazine publishes once a month following comments of editorial board.


Mizan Gazette: The Supreme Court’s activities and reports reflector, initiated in 2006 and presents three volumes every month that covers reports related to Supreme Court’s high council meetings, meetings of Chief Justice, reports on activities of the Committee for Supervision of Justice and Judicial Services Delivery Project, presidential decrees, reflection of Supreme Court’s divisions’, approvals of Supreme Court’s administrative sessions, judicial circulars, decisions of Justice and Judicial Coordination Committees sessions in the center and provinces, reports related to judicial workshops, decisions of criminal courts, samples from judicial decisions, courts’ working reports, reflection of administrative and judicial sessions in appellate courts, open trials, activities of Complaints Hearing Commission of Appellate Courts, reports from visits of appellate court directors from areas with deprivation of liberty and districts primary courts, and other judicial events.


News Bulletin (Special edition of Judiciary): Started its activities for the first time in 2011 to reflex issues related to administrative reforms, fight against corruption, crimes related to drugs, enlightenment of judiciary activities and work transparency to increase public awareness. Bulletin, on the side of Qaza Magazine and Mizan Gazette, publishes on monthly basis in English language.


Print Management is also equipped with further facilities such as Computers, Photocopiers, Gestetner and other various press related machineries that have helped this management with its daily non-stop activities. Different forms from various offices are printed and huge documents and papers, including chapters related to Capacity Building Section and Judicial Educational Department are being photocopied based on their needs. In addition, binding collections of magazines, newspapers and import manuals of professional offices of the Supreme Court are of Print Management activities, besides it helps mending libraries’ worn books and also printing employees’ biographic of departments.

Moreover, Publication Directorate has the responsibility to organize different religious and national events and provide greeting cards of Supreme Court for such events and dispatch them to different sources. In addition, this Directorate has huge role in conducting judicial seminars and conferences, and news related to High Council sessions which is considered as reflection of Supreme Court’s activities and meeting reports of Chief Justice and other SC officials to be broadcasted via mass media to Bakhtar News Agency are also of this Directorate’s routine activities.


Cultural section:

Cultural Department of Publication Directorate covers sessions of the Supreme Court’s High Council, video-conference between Supreme Court and Appellate Courts and meetings of Chief Justice with high-ranking authorities, also records and proves the way to broadcast TV interviews and radio programs of court directors and judges via RTA in (Judicial Education) program framework in the studio of Publication Directorate.


Qaza (Judiciary) library:

Library of Judiciary (Qaza), as an invaluable treasure of judiciary, has not been away from harms of accidents and has suffered tremendous losses same as the other government institutions. Once, the library was considered one of the substantial libraries in the capital in terms of quantity and quality of books that could fill requirements of judicial staff and other book readers with thousands of books in its shelves. Nonetheless, this library still serves its beneficiaries with more than six thousand scientific, research, legal and juridical books and has ideal interaction with its subscribers based on the relevant procedure.


Distribution of publications:

The above-mentioned publication, along with other judicial publications are distributed to various sources inside and outside the Supreme Court, including courts in the provinces and some laws and official gazettes are distributed to courts of country by Distribution Management of this directorate.